Mail Delivery Problems with Attachments
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 19:34:48 +0000

Hello Folks

I run an NT box as my mail server with MailSite by Rockliffe
software. When a dial in user or network client sends an email which
has a mime format attachment it just sits in the queue returning
Network I/O errors 54 & 60 (Winsock Time out & Connection reset by
peer) utill it finally gets bounced. It happens with an array of
destinations and does not occur if you send it in uuencode.

MailSite tech support tell me it is not a problem with their s/w but
with my network. As far as I can see my network is fine and not over

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

Andrew Barton
RedShift Information Technology Inc. Computer Sales & Networking
Golden, British Columbia, Canada Internet Service Provider