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BA ( )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 11:00:08 -0500

Great that is the sort of feedback I am looking for. We face that =
all the time do we add more staff or try our best to do it all ourselves.
I do find the support a little on the slow side "sometimes" when I was
trying to get a test of Emerald up.

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997 08:32:47 -0500, Michael Whisenant so eloquently =

>Yes, But as I understand it Dale OWNS Radius NT and as such it is a
>commercial product that is included in the pricing of Emerald. He could
>just as well charge the same pricing for RADIUS NT without Emerald for
>those opting to use another billing package. Yes Emerald is a bit
>pricy, but look at all of it's features. Dale has worked on a
>tremendous product. The only drawback as I see it is they (IEA
>Software) need to hire additional support staff and support the product
>better. I doubt Dale can continue the pace he has been working and
>support the growing number of users that are flooding to use NT as a
> I have requested three times to add additional users, which relates to
>more cash flow to IEA, and still have not gotten a response. Dale does
>answer almost 1/3 of the postings to this list, and has done a great
>job. With his new child and yes he too has a life, I question his
>ability to be the sole person to support this product. I guess as in
>any business he is facing the 'chicken and egg' problem. Do I add staff
>which costs money to grow further, or do I try and tackle it myself. =20
> I have used Emerald/RadiusNT for over a year. It is a great and
>tremendous product. I have reviewed the software that you mention, but
>find Emerald is still ahead of the pack. For my money, I have chosen
>Danny Sinang wrote:
>> Well, NTPaymaster ( ) is a $670 ( there is a =
>> beta price ) billing software that could import Radius log files and
>> generate invoices. They claim to have a web interface.
>> Since I haven't been able to make Emerald work ( since nobody has =
>> my plea for help ), I don't know if the two are comparable.
>> ISP Billing ( ) is REALLY feature packed =
>> free for 150 users or less. It can get its input from Radius, but it
>> requires you to set up some perl script to email your bills.
>> ISP Manager ( ) is a low priced ( $500 )
>> billing software with great reporting capabilities and a nice =
>> Its reports ( Crystal Reports based .rpt ) can be posted on the web =
>> the use of Crystal Report's web engine. The only drawback I see is =
that ISP
>> Manager only interfaces with NT RAS. If you're into RAS, you'll find =
>> integration really nice. You can create users with the billing =
>> itself. I will ask them if they've a Radius version available.
>> GreenSoft's software is nice, but it's steeply priced.
>> Let me know which one you'll pick.
>> - Danny Sinang
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>> > Subject: WAS ISP Billing Programs Blooming
>> > Date: Tuesday, June 24, 1997 9:27 AM
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>> > Ok we are fixing to take the plunge into a ISP billing package and =
>> > currently have running a stripped version radiusNT meaning it just =
>> > usernames and passwords in an access db
>> >
>> > We were thinking emerald for sure (the price is very =
>> this
>> > thread got me wondering.......what are the choices out there that
>> integrate
>> > into RadiusNT and what is everyone else using?
>> >
>> > How is the support and price for the different solution?
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