USRobotics Total Control Question

Jeff Binkley ( )
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 20:09:00 -0500

I know this is slightly off topic here so I'll ask it once and then run from
the bullets. ANyway, I have purchased a USRobotics Total Control unit and am
currently running it with NT and RAS as the authentication method. I am
planning on moving it to RADIUS, running on NT, and use the Netserver card in
the unit. In doing some testing today I was able to get the Netserver card to
work but not like RAS does. No matter what I tried, it always wanted to give
me a login prompt and not go straight to PAP like NT RAS does. Can anyone
point me in the right direction here for settings or give me the address of a
USRobotics listserv for these types of questions ?


Jeff Binkley
ASA Network Computing