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Sat, 21 Jun 1997 07:54:49 -0400

Funny, I did not have that problem. Tested the theory with mine
on NT boxes and it was not a problem. It might be that mine
is newer.

Jeff Weiss wrote:
> problem with cheap KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switches (Belkin included):
> if the computer attempts to load a mouse driver, such as when Win 3.1 is
> loading or when 95 or NT are booting, the mouse will NOT be recognized IF
> that copmuter is not set to be active on the screen.
> That is, if you lose power, only one PC gets the mouse when power is restored.
> This is not a big deal for DOS boxes or Novell servers, but for NT it is
> unacceptable.
> Also, on the Belkin box, I have noticed a high failure rate in the serial
> port pass throughs. These seem to consistently fail after about a year.
> Furthermore, the boxes cam temporarily "freeze" when you are booting a
> computer or your active computer locks up, thus preventing you from
> switching PCs. Other than that, they're really not that bad for the money
> - we DO use these quite a bit.
> There are more expensive solutions, starting around $500 for 6 or 8 ports
> that emulate a mouse on all ports. Look in the back of LAN magazine for
> the best collection of ads.
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