Resource Kit

Stuart Feldman ( )
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 21:19:32 -0400

I just installed the Resource Kit CD into NT3.0 (no service packs) and =
it set its directory into the path. I primarily did this to add Perl =
for use with IIS 2.0, but it was installed into \ntreskit\perl and also =
added to the path. I don't want to have my script directory on that =
drive or in that directory. How do I change it in the path and is there =
any perl configuation that needs to be made after moving it to the =
\InetPub\wwwroot\cgi-bin\perl location where I want it located?

One other question is dealing with the proper permissions/security to =
allow scripts to run without hacker problems. What specifically are the =

Stuart Feldman
The Solar Stop