Re: OFF Topic -- Purveyor Webserver

Lee Levitt ( )
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 22:24:25 -0400

At 05:52 PM 6/19/97 -0700, Mike McCarn wrote:
>Sorry for the off-topic, but I am running out of ideas.
>I am looking for information regarding Purveyor Web Server and the process
>to set up access control. If anyone out there knows of a Purveyor user
>list, or could help me out with a couple of simple questions I would
>appreciate it.


Email me back privately with what you're trying to do. I run Purveyor and
can probably put you in touch with someone who can help if I can't. There
used to be a list, but I think it's probably been disbanded at this point :(


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