Re: Price Fixing (Was: 56K / X2 pricing)

Kevin Miller ( (no email) )
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 01:07:22 -0400

> He's not. It is illegal to mention pricing in a forum like this. I'd be
> VERY careful not to mention dollar amounts.
> David Scott
I am sincerely interested in hearing the laws applying to this. The Sherman
Anti-Trust act specifically disallows organizations from making agreements
to set prices equally or in a range. However, if someone mentions what they
charge for access, it is in no way a contract with others to provide access
at this price. I would think statements such as "if you keep your price
there, I'll do the same" would be very problematic, but I don't see how
mentioning prices is an Anti-Trust violation.

There was a discussion on this topic on the inet-access list a few months
ago.. If I have a few minutes I'll search the archives...

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