Re: SERV-U Log files

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 09:19:04 -0400

At 02:29 PM 6/18/97 -0700, you wrote:

>I currently have our programmer working on a reporting tool for our multi
>homed Serv-U FTP server. The program will read through the log file and
>generate stats on MB downloaded/uploaded and # of users, anonymous and
>non-anonymous. Another option will be to see which files have been
>downloaded and how many times. You will be able to pick one IP or all and
>specify a date range.
>Is anyone interested in this utility? If there is some interest we might
>touch it up and sell it.

I would be interested, but only at a reasonable price. I could "rough"
such a utility out with no UI and only the coarse stats I need in a couple
hours or so. Serv-U only costs $25 itself, so I'd hope your reporting tool
would also be moderately priced. If so, yes, we'd probably buy a couple
copies if it gives the stats we need.

Consider offering a demo version, one that analyses only a small number of
k of log file.

>Please email me at if you are interested or if you know
>of another program that already does this.

If you hear of another one, please let me know. I do this by hand right
now. I was the one that made the suggestion to Rob Beckers about making
the session ID's in his logs equal lengths -- now I can simply SORT the log
file, and I have a basic utility that counts the bytes transferred.
Before he made it line up so it was sortable, it was a royal PITA.