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James Corey ( )
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 09:48:09 -0400

The IMS mail server has a support list available also. Send the message

At 10:29 06/16/97 -0300, you wrote:
>Barry Kiesz,
>Em 13 Jul 97 as 13:21, voce escreveu:
>> I have a client that must have a SMTP server located on my Web server.
>> anyone know where I could get an inexpensive (or free!) SMTP server. I
>> don't need the POP side, just the SMTP..
>Try the freeware EMWAC IMS (European Microsoft Windows/NT Academic
>Centre Internet Mail Server). It runs as a Windows NT Server and
>altough it includes SMTP Send, SMTP Receive and POP3 Server, you can
>run only the SMTP Services, because each service has its own
>executable file.
>You can get-it at or you can download it
>also at " IMS/"
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