Re: Mail to

Kevin Miller ( (no email) )
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 21:01:20 -0400

> Hi,
> I'm using SLMail. It seems to be working fine, but has difficulty getting
> mail to I currently use their smarthost and route to my upstream
> for delivery.
> SLMail said aol is not running strict SMPT.
SMTP. (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

> Does anyone else have trouble getting mail to
It could be because of an overload in aol's system. It's not uncommon for
them to not accept mail for awhile to let the servers chew through what
they have.

> Does NTMail have this problem?
Not sure, but you can probably switch SLMail to allow odd behavior if
that's the problem. I haven't used it for awhile, but I recall an option in
the Configuration section about using ESMTP & others...

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