RE: auto switchers

Liankui Sun ( )
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 19:03:41 -0700

Hi, Everyone:

I am trying to use NT as a router

I installed to NICs in the router computer running WinddowsNT4.0.
I configured two NICs into different IP address,
on internet side I set the IP address and default gateway
on internal side I set the Internal IP and left default gateway as blank
I checked Enable IP forwarding.

then, I hook up the internal NIC to a hup, a windows95 computer was hooked with
that hup. From the windows95, I can ping the two NICs ip address on Router
computer with no problem, I have no difficulty to ping windows95 back from

But when I try to tracert other computer from the Windows95 computer, it will
only go to NT4.0 then stop.

Can anyone help me out. Tnanks in advance!

Liankui Sun

the internal IP address -