Re: Multiple domains on a single IP

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 17:05:44 -0400

At 09:00 PM 6/12/97 GMT, you wrote:

>>How can one reconcile the two? You can't, at least not until MS releases
>>corrections for this.
>You can't, Frontpage is great in ideas, but if you ask me poorly
>implemented. I am an old school person when it comes to HTML.
>I believe in the power of Vi!
>(Unix text editor for the non unix people out there)

I understand where you're coming from. The old school dwindles. Soon the
only Unix users left will be those RUNNING the ISP's. They're even
replacing Unix and shell accounts at universities with Windoze. We have to
know it. (We use it as your backbone, even). That's what the CUSTOMERS
want. We have to go along, like it or not.