Re: Disk Quota?

Tommy van Leeuwen ( )
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 11:34:32 +0200

At 11:08 AM 6/11/97 +0200, ing. Joost van der Locht wrote:
>Has anyone a suggestion of implementing disk quota on a NT server. I
>know that Serv-U Ftp has the possibility to track diskquota by counting
>thet amount of traffic. But I think there has to be a more failsafe
>solution to set the max amount of data in a certain directory (in this
>case the homedirectory of a client)

I Think that Miss Marple Disk Quota Management Tool will do. (Which is part
of the Miss Marple Server tools.) You can get a *free* cd-rom at

Go get that free cdrom! ;)


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