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Wed, 04 Jun 1997 08:09:11 -0700

I never use the actual NT-installed FTP root. Instead I use a "virtual"
FTP root located on another drive that has all the files and directories
I want everyone to see. Then I have many "virtual" directories for
hosted sites who don't want others to see their files. These virtual ftp
directories also have different names given for security reasons.

Just create the actual FTP directory that you want as root wherever you
want on the HD and then "add" that directory as a new "virtual" ftp
directory in IIS2/3 and make the virtual name the same or change it
depending upon the level of security you want. You may add as many
virtual FTP directories as you want. I have 25 different virtual
directories and have never had a problem. **Check to make sure that the
directories you add have privileges for the Internet anonymous guest
account added.**


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At 12:27 AM 6/1/97 -0700, Chuck Scott wrote:


<excerpt>I have recently started hosting virtual domains, and everything
has gone smooth. I do have a customer who is asking for his own
anonymous FTP account and haven't quite figured out how to accomplish
this. Has anyone had any luck? My first attempt erased my root FTP
account and replaced it with the virtual one I created. OOPS !! Any
help would be appreciated !!!!

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