DHCP server can't assign DNS server to Win95 client connecting via RAS

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Sun, 8 Jun 1997 22:36:22 -0000


I noticed what seems to be a bug. Can anyone verify this ?

I have an PC running NT server 4.0 w/ DHCP server active. Aside from
assigning IP addresses, I want to assign DNS servers.

I've another PC running Windows 95 which I use to test the DHCP server. It
has a network card with TCP/IP bound to it and also an internal modem. I
also bound TCP/IP to the Dial-up Networking device. I've configured both
devices to obtain an IP address automatically.

After a fresh boot, I ran WINIPCFG and it indicated that a DNS server was
indeed assigned to both devices. Of course, I knew this was obtained via
the NIC. PING worked well.

So I proceeded to take away the NIC / TCP-IP binding to test if the
Dial-Up-Networking device would produce the same result. What was the
result ? IT DIDN'T WORK !! No DNS server was assigned. PING won't work.

Has anyone any solution to this ?

- Danny Sinang