Re: Pricing

Ramsey ( (no email) )
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 18:51:29 -0700

Mr Lee

In retaliation of your BAIT in SWITCH
tactics in regard to POST OFFICE

I do solemnly swear

That I will never buy, recommend or make
sure I anyone I know or I'm affiliated with
NOT purchase any products from
or any products is associated with.

As a form of protest I have just removed the
FREE copy of BIND That I download from
your FTP site. (You may change your mind
later and ask money for that copy).

I have instructed a few friend to dump
Netscape Mail Server since that is your
product under a different license agreement.

I hope you do your best to ignore your users.
(May it hasten your demise). I also hope you
DO NOT answer this messages.(It will
confirmed everything I think about

To the marketing GENIUS at who
thought of this clever way to nickel and dime your
loyal users. May you live to find another career.
(Not Software related hopefully)

Thank GOD for FREE MARKET (NTmail, Rockliffe, iMail...... ) Redefining Unlimited....!!!!!!!!
Lesson 101 ( How to Lose Market Share)

> We are jumping ship by the droves. Don't you guys get it yet? Or are you
> too busy driving the ship into the iceberg to notice what the passengers
> are doing?
> A very disillusioned, FORMER customer,
> Randy
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