Re: Users not showing up in Emeralds "Calls Online"

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 14:26:45 -0400

We're using an Ascend Max 4004 (5.0Ai4) and none of our users use Trumpet
Winsock. Every one of them use the dialer that comes with MSIE for Win
3.1x. None of them have any problems (aside from people who can't get on
because they have RPI-type modems).

This is being CC'd to because it really has nothing
to do with Radius or Emerald...

Josh Hillman

> From: Ted Olson <>
> Even as we speak we've been getting ready to migrate our Win3x users from
> Trumpet to the MS/Shiva dialer, since testing shows that it works so
> transparently with our variety of NASes. We're still using RadiusNT in
> text-only mode, been planning to get authenticating working smoothly for
> all combinations of OS platform + NAS, then switch over to ODBC mode,
> on to Emerald (sort of still heading up the yellow brick road). I'd sure
> like to know now if there's a confirmed compatibility issue with the
> dialer!
> Thanks,
> -Ted
> At 01:52 PM 5/31/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >The Win 3.1 users are using a Trumpet winsock to dail-up. However I
> >have run into the same problem with Microsoft's dialer made by Shiva. It
> >seems Emerald can't see them. When you look at who's online it does not
> >show any 3.1 users.