Re: Pricing

Jeff Woods ( )
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 11:32:38 -0400

At 10:51 AM 6/3/97 -0400, you wrote:

>> DON'T USE -- they want $5 per user!
>Just a minor correction here. Our ISP promotion, which has already been
>posted on this list, and has been listed on our web site, offers server
>licenses of 2500 mailboxes and 250 mailing lists for $995. Multiple domain
>support, spam relay prevention, web based administration, yadayada.

Lee, I agree that your promotion is enticing. It *almost* sucked me in,
and I *almost* decided to forego the $1200 it would cost to buy NTMail, and
to stick with Post Office. Your marketers aren't stupid. However, three
things weighed in, and I decided to dump in spite of that
generous offer:

1) I bought an unlimited license. I expected to keep it.

2) You refused to correct a security hole in a reasonable amount of time,
and when you DID fix it, MONTHS LATER, you wanted an exorbitant upgrade
price for it. It was only after vehement public outcry that you even
considered this 2300 boxes free promotion.

3) When I exceed 2500 users, I will have to buy mailboxes from you at $5
per head. When I exceed that number with NTMail (or Rockliffe, or
Ipswitch, or a Unix Sendmail system), I pay nothing. I fully expect to
exceed those numbers, so that rules out

Promotion or not, your pricing is based on a per-user licensing scheme, and
an exorbitantly priced one at that. Your promotion claims $995 for $12,xxx
in value. Sorry, Lee. I don't see $12,000 of value there, not when your
competition is pricing at flat rates, and providing a better product.

>Works out to a tad bit less than $5 per.

And NTMail works out to FAR less than $5 per -- I can have as many as I can
cram onto a machine with them. And they fixed the spam relay security hole
in short order, and gave it out as a FREE update.

Too little, too late. Sorry. You had your chance to keep us as customers
in January. And you could have done it in May had you just given those
few of use left with 1.9.x licenses a flat, unlimited upgrade price. How
many customers have you lost because of the pricing debacle, Lee? And how
much have Shoppers', and Rockliffe's sales gone up since?

Reply all you want -- you've had your say, I've had mine, and I have work
to do.