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I have to agree on this thread. MCIS news is IMHO a huge joke, not to mention the cost. for $3995.00, you can buy a whole lot of e-mail and news servers. The rest is just fluff. I agree with Dale on far the best and most reliable News server I have used, and I tested quite a few. As a matter of fact, the maintenance is so minimal, I let my eval copy expire because I never looked at the server to see the messages!!!! M$ does well in some areas, but there is a lot to be improved here.

At 10:29 PM 6/2/97 -0700, you wrote:

>Troy T. Hall wrote:


>> I'm using many components of MCIS and I can't comment on all of them as of

>> yet as I'm still getting the feel for them all, EXCEPT for MCIS news which

>> I have thrown in the trash bucket. This memory hungry pig of a program was

>> a pain to configure and I was never able to get it to run 100% to my

>> satisfaction.. I'm using DNEWs now and am very happy with it.

>> Installed quickly, easly, THE FIRST TIME, and my users love it. Uses 1/3 the

>> memory of Mcis News, and runs MUCH faster.


>We tested MCIS on a partial feed from out main DNEWS server and it

>puked so many times. The database fix routines generally take

>2-8 hours (depending on the spool size) and it really wasn't that



>The DNews crew re-wrote the database storage format twice (3.0 and 4.0)

>and we have been using 4.2 (after a couple of quick fixes) and its

>just rocking. We fixed an upstream issue and DNews is really moving

>the news. We went from a lot of complaints to zero on it. Maintenance

>for DNews isn't even a though, compared to the MCIS nightmare.



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