Re: Microsoft Commercial Internet System

Phillip Heller ( (no email) )
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 01:18:10 -0400

We no longer use MCIS because the amount of money they asked for it was
rediculous, but we beta tested it, and it worked very well. In fact, we
even liked the news server. Sure, it needed 128 meg of ram and several
very large hard drives, but once it was furnished, it put out news like the
best of them.

Good luck,

> From: Frank Canode <>
> To:
> Subject: Microsoft Commercial Internet System
> Date: Monday, June 02, 1997 9:07 PM
> Hello to all.
> I'm new to the list so if I have missed discussions on this subject I
> apologize. I have looked through the archives and have found very little
> except a few comments on the beta versions of mail and news.
> We're about ready to start up a new ISP using NT Server and were
> considering MCIS as our software package. MS is currently pricing the
> entire suite(mail, news, chat, replication/personalization, membership)
> $3,995 and includes 2000 CAL's for mail and membership if purchased
> June 30. Not cheap, but compared to what I have found for similar
> individual products it doesn't seem out of line - if it works.
> My question for the group concerns the "if it works" part. Is anyone
> MCIS ( or heard any reports from others) since 1.0 was released?
> Any comments concerning this product would be greatly appreciated.
> FrankC
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