Re: Good Mail Server for NT?

John David M. Miller ( (no email) )
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 19:28:08 -0400

I missed some of this thread but I wanted to point out that
IMail from Ipswitch does both types of Multi-Domain.

Both the new 4.0 and the previous 3.04 release have this.

In addition the license is for unlimited users and domains
out of the box. ($495.00)

The newest version is loaded with additional features
i.e. Anti-Spamming, List Server etc..

The 3.04 version has an e-mail to fax and pager option also.
4.0 has this option forthcoming also.

John David M. Miller

SAMnet Internet Solutions / Software and More Inc. -
Authorized Ipswitch Reseller
From: Brian Dorricott <>
Date: Thursday, May 29, 1997 9:57 AM
Subject: Re: Good Mail Server for NT?

>There are two ways of implementing multiple domains on a mail server.
>illustrate with how you would set up and
>One is a "quick dirty fix" - that is you alias additional domains to the
>first one. This means that you have to give all users a different
>pop-account name. For example:
> ->
> ->
>Anyone logging into the mail server will discover that it is run by
>The second is to use a second IP address so that from outside, no-one can
>tell that the two domains are running on the same machine. In this case:
> ->
> ->
>Personally, I feel that the latter is "Mutiple domain support". Anything
>less is a scam.
>NTMail provides the "Quick dirty fix" (we call it a redirection rather
>multiple domain support) just like most other mail servers our of the
>If you want real virtual domains - then you need NTDomain. As far as we
>aware, we are the only mail server product for WindowsNT that supplies
>virtual servers in this way.
>Many customers use the first method to alias domain names - some with
>500 domains aliased to one. Others use the second method. It all
>upon what you preceive as the best solution for the way you wish to work.
>I hope this clears up the pricing method and what the difference between
>two versions are.