IEAK Signup server

Josh Perry ( (no email) )
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 12:23:35 -0700

Ok guys... I've decided to release this software free... 's just too much
of a hassle to exchange money. but It will take user info from a web page,
even does basic Checksum and number checking on credit cards... will make
sure that the username the person wants isn't used already.. and when the
user is done going through everything it will save the person to your
Emerald database and will write to a file the date that the person signed
up, the username they used etc... What it is, is a Win-CGI program... so it
is not directly supported by IIS but can be used through the is2wcgi.dll
the only problem is the way that IIS uses the cgi programs and it doesn't
like to share the tempuser.mdb file.. if that is resolved it should work
fine... I will be leaving in 10 days for a 2 year mission for my church so
I can answer as many questions that ppl have until then... If you would
like the source just dload everything in the
/ directory, it is a VB5 program originaly written in VB4 but ported to
VB5 wich is much faster and more efficient... if you have any questions
feel free to ask... and of course any donations are not required but
happily accepted just mail 'em to

Josh Perry
2012 E 14th st.
The Dalles, OR 97058

Josh Perry
System Admin