Re: Adding users

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 20:17:24 -0000

> How can one add a user to the NT user database remotely from a Win 95
> client?

Here's one way...

The Windows NT Server 4.0 resource Kit has a Web Administration Kit.

Install it on your server and follow these steps:

1. Call up your server via RAS.
2. Use your browser to access http://yourserver/NTAdmin/

You will then be presented with a web page containing menus. If I'm not
mistaken, you will first be prompted for a login name and a password. You
should log in as someone with Administrative privileges. Otherwise, you
can't use the menus.

Choose the one pertaining to users. Add users.

Another way is to use a remote control software ( pcAnywhere, ... ). I
found one that is so cool. It's name is RemotelyAnywhere. It's also
web-based, but the difference with my first solution above, this actually
lets you see the screen of the NT server on your web browser. I found it
really amazing !! I can't remember the web site I got it from. But you can
search yahoo for it. Btw, I think it's freeware. Tell me if I'm mistaken.

Btw, can you ask around who knows how to get the utility named CHKTIME.EXE
? It's supposed to be a utility that enables RAS users see their online
time over the web.

- Danny Sinang