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BA ( )
Sun, 01 Jun 1997 01:29:48 -0500

Have to agree with you there....seems we both had to two totally =
responses, we purchased way back when they sold the =
users and we really didn't need or even use the support, however, the =
deal of bailing out on the unlimited user people with an upgrade left a
sour taste in my mouth, especially since 2.0 had a serious security hole =
it. So I bailed out on totally and all the new setups I do =
any consulting will be using NTMail. Post.Office is actually a good
product, especially for smaller scale operations. It gets to be costly =
you get up there in the users. I am also looking forward to using a
radiusNT database to authenticate all my users in NTMail.


On Fri, 30 May 1997 11:35:08 -0600, Franco Nogarin so eloquently wrote:

>Thats kind of funny, (I dont want to start a debate) but I have had =
exactly the opposite experience, I bought NTMail and betaed the hell out =
of it with them and I found support was lacking and that any willingness =
to take beta testers advice was just not there, after I switched to post =
office and found it much better, got in the beta program and of course =
became concerned with security issues and such, I found the support to be=
very fast, and response to beta concerns was serious and immediate, I =
guess it goes to show that two good(or bad) companies can be seen in two =
very opposite lights.
>Franco Nogarin
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>Subject: Re: Good Mail Server for NT?
>Well I will throw in my .02
>To put it simply sux...especially for large scale companies.
>We started with a long long time ago and have recently =
>them for their lack of concern on certain security issues and their
>disregard for the people that got them to where they are now. I want =
>you with the detail of the above.
>This month we switched to NTMail and I must say that it is the BEST mail
>server for NT that I have seen yet. For $1500 you can have an unlimited
>license for everything, unlimited users, unlimited domains, unlimited
>mailing lists. I think I saw one mention to this thread already about =
>it is the only mail server that does REAL multi-domains... i.e. the mail
>server gets another IP address and name and everything and nobody can =
>tell it is a virtual mail server. As an admin the global mail list was =
>much needed feature not found in I have talked to the =
>at NTMail and I can tell you that these people care about their =
>The development plans sounds very good.....especially if you use
> database to authenticate your users as well as their =
>accounts, now that's scaling. Also, I hear in the next version out the
>registry comes the user list....hats off their too.
>As this thread started looking for the best mail server for NT...I would
>have to say that with NTMail you get the MOST bang for you buck.
>my .02
>On Thu, 29 May 1997 08:47:57 -0000, Petar Nikolich so eloquently wrote:
>>This is turning into a bit of a shit fight and I'm not really =
interested in=20
>>a "mines bigger than yours" discussion, Dale.
>>You've got a bigger one than me, Dale. You win.
>>> From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
>>> To:
>>> Subject: Re: Good Mail Server for NT?
>>> Date: Thursday, 29 May 1997 2:15
>>> Petar Nikolich wrote:
>>> >=20
>>> > At least with PO you don't have to pay for the number of domains in=
>>> > like in NTmail (or maybe I can't understand their price list???)
>>> At $1250 for unlimited users, lists, and domains, I really doubt you
>>> are paying much. How much would the comprable Post.Office license
>>> be? =20
>>> --=20
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