On the note of Invoices

Kurt Schafer ( (no email) )
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 14:20:15 -0400

OK. Looking at this objectively it would appear that whenever an Invoice or
Payment is generated, the value is taken and applied to the previous value
of Balance rather than Balance being updated to reflect the new aggregate
sum of invoices and payments. (geez, I've used the word aggregate twice in
one day)

So, as it stands now, I've got Invoices and Payments that were enterred
into the history as positive values. (which I would hope is how they should
be) but the Balance field should have had the value of the invoice
SUBTRACTED instead of added.

Is this correct ? Will taking the value of the Invoices, and simply
subtracting it from Balance(TWICE) get me out of this predicament ?

- Kurt