Re: CC Batch Problems

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 11:19:19 -0700

Greg White wrote:
> Has anybody had success with the entire credit card batch process using PTC
> (w/o AVS)? I am having problems determining the correct configuration
> within PTC so that Emerald will understand the PTC output file when I "Batch In."
> I seem to recall that somebody once posted a message saying that they had
> been using it.

With either PTC, the fields Emerald looks for on batch in is:

1:Date 2:Time 3:transtype 4:auth resp 5:transid 6:amount

1 and 2 are *NOT* used. They can really be anything you want.

3 can NOT be "C", or the transaction is iognored

4 needs to start with "AUTH/TKT" for the transaction to be approved,
anything else is assumed denied.

5 is the invoice number Emerlad gave PTC in the batchout file.

6 isn't really used.

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