Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 12:35:37 -0700

Ed Miller wrote:
> So now if they are on 0 times they can not get back on?

If you have variable login limits set *AND* the login limit for a
service is blank, they will not be able to login. You need to make
all your services have atleast one. I use this query:

Update SubAccounts Set LoginLimit=1 Where LoginLimit IS NULL

> I was trying so many changes I am not sure what I changed in the GUI, but
> it is working now.
> Tue Jul 29 13:39:13 1997: ODBC: SQLFetch Error: (S0022) [Microsoft][ODBC
> SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'AccountType'.
> Tue Jul 29 13:39:13 1997: User: rschumann port Access denied

You need to turn off Server Port Access in the ODBC Options.

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