Strangest thing just happend with Emerald

John Lange ( (no email) )
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 20:23:44 -0500

And thanks in advance for any info on this subject.

I have been running Emerald 2.1.8 on my SQL server for a few months.
Upgraded to 2.1.11 and all was fine. I changed screen resolution to
800X600 and all was fine.

Today I open Emerald and nothing on the accounts tab, completely blank, all
the other tabs work just fine. I thought I read about this in the past,
but thought it was a newer version that did that.

Yes, I changed the resolution back to 640X480 and still nothing.

The cure for it seems to me that a .ocx file need to be replaced, but I
can't find the message anymore.

The wierd part is that it just quit, without warning. It's not like I am
installing rouge software on this machine that would over write files.


JOhn :}

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