Quick note about partial payments

Kurt Schafer ( (no email) )
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 15:17:37 -0400

Glancing back through the archives I noticed some people suggest the
following solution for partial payments.


1) Paying the invoice as if a full payment were made
2) Creating a charge for the unpaid portion of the invoice
3) Invoice next term to create the next months invoice with the charge
4) Create a brief incident describing the action so everybody knows what

<end snip>

I see a problem with this scheme that I thought I would share with anybody
who may actually be trying to use the Emerald DB to collect meaningful
data. If you follow the strategy above your going to see your revenue
numbers go through the roof because you are telling emerald that you
received full payment for the invoice in question, then charging the
customer for the remaining balance.

Just my two cents. For now our strategy has been to void the original bill
and replace it with two partial bills. One containing the balance that the
user is depositing. (which we then click on PAY) and a second containing
the remaining amount which we then charge back into their account.

Just a thought.

- Kurt