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Jeremy Domingue ( )
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 15:49:52 -0700

We've been waiting for 2.2 and a couple of features that you mentioned

Jeremy Domingue
Webmaster, Tehachapi Mountain Internet

At 05:14 PM 7/16/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Are you still developing Emerald? We have been patiently waiting for 2.2
>for some badly needed features.
>We are also waiting for a radius upgrade similar to merit radius that will
>support roaming and WebTv.
>We are also waiting for Serv-u.dll to support directory size limits that
>are customizable by account type for default and individually for override.
>We are also waiting for the fault-tolerant features in Radius and Servu so
>that they will automatically shift to backup servers and periodically retry
>the primary servers whenever there is a failure.
>We are also waiting for the version that will upgrade the field sizes and
>recreate the links without the end user doing a circus act to make it work.
> Our login fields are only 16 Char. and need to expand these to 64 Char.
>for multi-domain and roaming support.
>We are also waiting for support for Oracle Enterprise so that our staff
>Unix junkies will get off my back about redundancy.
>Now that you have collected our money, we have only seen one minor upgrade
>and zero documentation. It would be nice to see some progress again.
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