Re: Mail

Sikko De Graaf ( (no email) )
Sat, 28 Jun 1997 09:01:18 +0000

> I was wondering what mail program anyone would recommend. I am
> dropping Post Office and was thinking of switching to either IMail or
> NTMail. I like the features in the new IMail, especially the easy
> email to fax capibility,

we are allready waitig for 7month for the nt4 version of the
e-mail2fax system 8-( we specialy bought imail for this feature but
we were never able to use it email2fax is only working on nt3.5 if
you are hosting a lot of domains you will need for every domain an
ipnumber, for this reasons we area running both postoffice and

greetings sikko de graaf

BUT everyone seems to love NTMail. Has
> anyone tried both? I would love some feedback. Thanks!!!!!
> Jason Powell
> Mindsync
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