Re: Huge Database Size!

Mike Miller ( )
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 15:46:11 -0400

Michael Whisenant wrote:
> Hey Mike,
> I hate to burst your bubble, but I have almost the same problem as
> you. I have asked and asked about this, but no luck yet. Just have to
> keep feeding it disk space for now....
> Let me know if you hear anything!!!
> Mike Davis wrote:
> >
> > I ran checkdb.sql, recalculated, and even a shink with no luck. My calls
> > table is only 15mb but the database is 292MB and growning! I've also done
> > a dump tran emerald with no_log.
> >
> > This size can't be right of 2000 or so accounts.
> >

Actually, I once had a similar problem with SQL database size and never
really did get a completely straight answer as to why. I finally fixed
the problem in the process of fixing something else as well.

As it turns out, in my case because I was running both Ascend boxes and
a USR Netserver I on the same Radius, I either was getting continuous
requests from the Ascend boxes for accounting even though Radius was
seeing them properly, or if I turned on require secret for accounting in
Emerald admin (which the Ascend boxes appear to *require* to stop
sending the requests after Radius saves them in the SQL database) I
couldn't see the USR with Radius. The end result was two seperate
copies of Radius. A side result ended up smaller database size. After
running 2 copies I was able to rid the "duplicate in calls" SQL error.
Originally I filled a 500MB database in less than a week. Now after 2
weeks, I stand at about 40 MB used. My guess is that even though the
calls were logged, the Ascend boxes didn't know it and kept resending
the accounting requests, which were going somewhere else in the database
(error logs??) instead. My suggestion is to make sure no SQL errors are
showing in debug mode on Radius. Don't know if this info will fix your
particular problem, but it may help others. Dale says the duplicate in
calls problem is fixed in RadiusNT 2.2... still waiting to see it.