Re[2]: NTMail DLL and multiple mail domains??

Jeremy Domingue ( )
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 09:28:30

Thanks, the ability to add additional domains (you may not even need to add another
field, just allow something like "," to be read correctly by the
DLL) would be great!

In your message you wrote:

>Jeremy Domingue wrote:
>> Dale,
>> Do you have any plans of making the NTMail DLL support multiple e-mail
>> "virtual" domains?
>> For example, when we had set NTMail up the problem that we were having was that
>> someone sent e-mail to the mail would be rejected, and
if it
>> were sent to it would be fine. By checking the DLL log, we
>> it to be that all of the users are configured under the domain, so it would
>> return a 'user unknown' under the domain.
>> Basically what we need is some type of way to make the DLL translate *
>> into before it looks up the username or password. Is there any way we
>> do this now or in the near future?
>I'll see what I can come up with. Most likely it wouldn't be a
>*, but
>we might be able to add anothe table to specify additional domains for a
>The reason is things are much more faster if an SQL query can match the
>domain, rather than adding additional coding (which requires passing all
>to the DLL and parsing them for matches, defeating the SQL Server