Interesting yet strange happenings in USR Netserver

Mike Miller ( )
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 09:41:33 -0400

Hello again all,

I know this doesn't quite qualify as an Emerald problem, but since this
is the only Radius based list I follow on a regular basis I will shoot
it out anyways...

Yesterday I noticed a strange glitch in our USR Netserver. Someone
attempted a telnet session into the Netserver from elsewhere on the
Internet. Of course without the username and password they can't get
in. The really strange thing is this, instead of simply rejecting them
and closing the connection, the Netserver began sending numerous
requests to our Radius server with the username and password over and
over again. I would have never known the problem was in fact the telnet
session being opened if it weren't for the fact that the telnet session
was one of us here who accidentally mistyped the username when
connecting to it. We tried about 5 or 6 more times to telnet into the
Netserver purposely using the wrong username to see what would happen.
Every time the netserver would send the user and password to Radius in a
continuous loop that was almost impossible to stop. I don't even know
why the Netserver is sending a request to Radius based on opening a
telnet session to it's configuration at all, but it *definatelly*
appears to be the case. The only thing that seems to stop it from
sending the requests is recycling Radius about 3 or 4, sometimes more,
times. If Radius is left sitting there it will keep sending the
requests indefinatelly it appears.

Has anyone seen this problem? Is it just our USR box, or do any of you
see the same problem when you attempt a telnet into the USR Netserver
using the wrong username?

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