Another anomaly in 2.1.11

Jeff Woods ( )
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 15:47:11 -0400

I was creating the invoices manually (that I described previously in the
other bug report) because the billing for this customer was fouled up by
the lack of the AutoBill checkbox (see previous thread : Billing is STILL a

I deleted all existing invoices for the customer, zeroed out their balance,
and set their paid-thru and expiration to May 1, 1997. I saved the billing
page, saved the master record, and then did an update of accounts from the
External Systems menu.

I tried going to Edit MBR, Master menu, invoice next term, but it told me
no invoices needed to be created..... SO........

I created two invoices manually, pre-dated to the first of May and the 1st
of June, with start/stop dates, respectively:

Inv. Date; 5/1/97 6/1/97
Start: 5/1/97 6/1/97
Stop: 6/1/97 7/1/97

I then marked each invoice paid in the "Invoices" section, saved the MBR,
and exited. I EXPECTED that the paid-thru and expire date for the MBR
would thus read 7/1/97. Nope. Still 5/1/97. I had to manually adjust that.