Re: Question re: DBML.DLL

Jeff Presley ( (no email) )
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 09:53:10 -0800

On 6 Jun 97 at 10:10, Warren Kipp wrote:

> Hello anyone,
> Excuse my ignorance in this area, but I was looking at a Cold Fusion script
> that appears to call this file. Is this file a part of Cold Fusion? Where
> can I find it?

Cold Fusion is a for sale product at

What it allows is the ability for a web page to access the SQL database via
ODBC calls. Once the SQL is accessed it is fairly trivial to regurgitate the
online information and use CF's libraries to perform the math of adding up
minutes or whatever.

Which "this file" were you referring to?

> I was interested in a CF script for time on, and I think that I need this
> file first. Any help would be appreciated.

It can be well worth it to purchase Cold Fusion.

> We are running PURVEYOR WEB server if you needed to know.

If you're interested in running IIS you can If you're running IIS you can use
the native library calls in it to access (only) SQL Server. It doesn't cost
anything except the time and effort factor. <g>

> Thank you very much,

You're welcome. Hope this helps