second emerald database

Erik Lundby ( )
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 16:45:00 -0500

I am looking at doing some experimenting into exporting invoices
into the A/R that we are currently using for other things.

1. Can you put a user defined field in the emerald client for such
things as their account number in our other billing system.

2. Is there a way for me to export invoices to our current accounting
system and have accpac treat them as paid. I'm looking for an invoice
and have accpac treat as paid from which I could put the info in the
appropriate comma delimited file to import. If can get the routine, I
can get the info out for the file myself.

The problem is, we have users who lump there internet and other bills
into one check and they don't always do a good job of adding the amounts
together so they are usually a little short or a little long. If there
were some sort of export function, I could manipulate the data myself.