Post.Office 3.1 Special Pricing

Robert Boyle ( )
Tue, 03 Jun 1997 14:53:32 -0400

Take a look at:

2,500 mail accounts (plus 250 mailing lists)
$995 (a $12,375 value)
Offer ends June 30, 1997

(If you are a 2.0 user, you can upgrade for only $500 to 2500 mailboxes
with 3.x)

THIS is a GREAT price! :) Get it while you can. I know A LOT of people were
complaining... this is your chance to act while you can. I'm sure that they
won't be offering a deal this good again anytime soon. This message was NOT
send from Software.Com. I am an ISP and I was also questioning their recent
price increases. For a corporate site, the new pricing seems to make
sense, but for an ISP... well, I'm glad that they are offering this ISP
package deal!


btw-I have been using Post.Office 3.0/3.1 for MANY months and I HIGHLY
reccommend it. 3.1's antispam and anti-relay features are a HUGE benefit.
We are running about 10 lists and it has been rock solid. Again, if you are
thinking about it. NOW is the time to act.

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