Re: Emerald Digest for 30 May 1997

David Khoury ( )
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 11:54:16 +1000

>> "Select LastIdentity=@@IDENTITY"
>> OK, so this selects the identity of the last row inserted into the charges
>> table, but what is this used for?? I can't seem to find any reason for it.
>> Am I overlooking something really simple??
>> I'd appreciate any answer that anyone can provide.
>You are right, this finds the indentify of the Charge. This is needed
>so that when the CallHistory entry is made, the ChargeID can be stored
>with it.

Ahhh. I should have noticed this myself <slap wrist>. Thanks for that Dale.

>> I can mail anyone the code for my consolidation routine if they want it.
>> Just mail me and I'll send it when it's ready (any day now :).
>Gotta love an open solution like Emerald. Isn't reverse enginerring
>illegal our something? I'd love to shoot the person that invented
>SQL trace! Guess I will have to start using encrypted stored
>procedures for this stuff. :)

Aw, and take all the fun out of life?? (readers will probably wonder about
the life of a person who thinks that coding consolidation routines is fun :)

That's one of the BIG plusses about Emerald (the open solution). It's
great to work with a solution that you can alter slightly to suit your needs
if you really need to. Working with packages that are more closed is akin
to walking though a brick wall.

>The Emerald 2.2 consolidation code is corrected, and includes several
>new additions to handle large calls table (to try and prevent log full
>errors, etc.

Great. Can't wait for the release. Too bad I'm not a beta tester :( I
would have liked to test it out.

I wish I'd known that the fix would have been in Emerald 2.2 . I would
have waited rather than code my own routines. Actually, I wish I'd known
that the consolidation bug was recognised. I thought for some reason that
it was peculiar to our setup. Oh well ...

>We can not gurantee accuracy or behavior in a setup where
>you are externally manipulating mainstream events like this.

I understand. With my own code comes my own responsibility. I promise I
won't blame you for anything :).

OH ... before I forget!!! A quick suggestion for Emerald 2.2 . Could you
extend the State field in the MasterAccounts table to at least 3
characters?? The abbreviated state names here in Australia are usually 3
characters long. It's really annoying to have to be limited to 2 characters.


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