Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 May 1997 23:11:42 -0700

Jeffrey Betts wrote:
> What does emerald do with mail ? When you
> create a new emerald user does in automatically
> create the e-mail account ? To create a new e-mail
> account in rockliffe mail it only takes about 30
> seconds.Just curios I know I don't use all the
> possible features of emerald..

With Post.Office/Netscape MTA, it mails a form with
the specific information to create the account. With NTMail
and the DLL, it does nothing.

The only other choice is to "batch" create an account (like
with IMail) where you call their adduser program with the
proper parameters to create the users.

Its not just the time consuming, its the consistency. If YOU are
not doing the work, you have to explain to the person doing the
work how to do it, and make sure they do it everytime. People
forget and email accounts don't get created, causing support
issues and making you look bad. Spelling mistakes are another
common issue.

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