Re: Problems Logging into Emerald

Jeffrey Betts ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 May 1997 20:15:36 -0700


>This sounds like one of the older versions of
>the Emerald admin that was modifying the Operators table
>and not the actual SQL Server users. What version is it?

2.1.0 is there a newer one ? In fact what are the
current versions of emerald and emeradmin

Jeff Betts

>Jeffrey Betts wrote:
>> I restored my database about 2 weeks ago
>> ever since then I can only get the user radius
>> to log in. The two other users I have keep getting the
>> error "bad password" I have recreated these users
>> in user manager for domains etc same error. I have
>> checked the passwords many times they are correct.
>My guess is that you have either permissions or users
>mis-configured. Re-run the instperm.sql script on your
>database. That should ALWAYS be done after a restore,
>to re-instate permissions.
>> When I check or try to save the user in emeradmin
>> I get this error.
>> SQL Server error:170 line 1:
>> incorrect syntax near '!'. state=1,severity=15
>What is the username name?
>> When I try to delete the user in emeradmin
>> to see if I can recreate it I get this error
>> SQL Server error:207 invalid column name
>> "operator id:state=2, severity=16
>> Any Help ?
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