Re: Radius Keepalive

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 May 1997 19:18:12 -0700

Raymond S. Leventhal wrote:
> I'd definitely be interested in what Josh and Dale are discussing here...
> we can't seem to get SQLServer service to load before RadiusNT wants to
> load so we wind up stopping and re-starting the RadiusNT service manually
> each time the our authentication machine reboots...
> My vote is a resounding 'yes' for a program or dll that'd test to see if
> auth is working and would stop/start RadiusNT service if needed.

We re-worked the logic of connecting and re-connecting to the SQL Server
so that
RadiusNT will work under worse conditions (SQL Server reboot, delayed
network issues, etc). I am already planning a smart cache for the next
version of RadiusNT that will cache the userlist, and if DB performance
bad or the connection fails, RadiusNT will use the smart cache, which
dynamically updates on the fly and during slow times.

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