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Daniel Wood ( )
Wed, 28 May 1997 12:56:37 -0700

At 12:35 PM 5/28/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Daniel Wood wrote:
>> -x15 show that everything seems to be working and there are no error messages
>> in the log file. RadiusNT seems to authenticate just fine but I just
>> can't see them in calls online. One odd thing is that when I run RadiusNT
>> admin on my main Radius Server and try to check the security it fails the
>> connection even through I am using the right username and password. If I
>> run RadiusNT admin on my secondary Radius Server and check the security it
>> works fine. I have looked at both ODBC setups and they look the same.
>Did you check the ODBC on the machine that fails and make sure you
>a database, rather than leaving it blank?

Yes I set the database name to Emerald

>> I am still wondering what I am doing wrong with RadiusNT. I run it on any
>> other machine besides my main radius server and everything works fine. When
>> I try to run it on my main radius server the security in Radadmin fails
>> even though I am using the same username and password. All the machines
>> are the same, running NT 3.51 service pack 5 and ODBC 2.5.
>The only other thing I could thing of is sercurity. If you are using
>SQL Server,
>you might have a user/permissions or trust issue.

I am using the same Username and password that I use on the other machines
that work fine.

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