Re: Prevent multiple logins

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 23 May 1997 11:33:02 -0700

Marco Kemmeren wrote:
> Hello Dale E. Reed Jr,
> I have a question for you. I am using Radius NT version 60 on a NT
> version 4
> And i have it running with a text-file. And we have a Cisco 3640
> router for handling the calls. The Cisco 3640 is configured in the
> Radius so all the logins are working fine. But the work too fine,
> because i can call multiple times with one account.
> I have seen when you type Radius /? the -R option but tis is only for
> ODBC i think.
> I know that we could handle this in the 3640 but when we have for
> example 10 3640's it is much easier to handle this by radius.

Concurrency control is only available in ODBC mode. We do not have in
plans to add concurrency control to the text only mode.

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