Re: Ascend Boxes...Whaddya think?

Phillip Heller ( )
Fri, 23 May 1997 13:26:14 -0400

We own about 8 of them fully loaded, and in the course of purchasing
them, we have found that their quality control sucks. We own 8 but have
had a total of about 20 pass through our facilities due to dead on
arrivals, etc. But once you get a good one, it works without a hitch.
We've got one that hasn't been rebooted in 200 some days. And the only
reason we've needed to reboot them is because when a T1 (with DCS) goes
down, and the GTE NOC goes red alarm, we need to reset our equipment
once the T1 goes back up... (It's a CO related problem). I have nothing
but complements for the Maxes though... .I can't wait to get our FREE
K56Flex cards.... :-)

Good Luck!


Serge Stein/i2Tech wrote:
> We're currently testing an Ascend 4000 box...It seems to work
> fairly well, but in our testing phase, we really haven't "loaded it up".
> What do you all think of your Ascend boxes? Problems? Good stuff?
> I'd be interested in hearing!
> Thanks,
> Jim Whaley
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