Radius and ODBC w/ Access v.7.0

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( Serge_Stein@i2.com )
6 Dec 96 19:24:55 EDT

Hi all,

Having a bit of a problem here getting Radius to work w/ an Access
Database. We're running Radius NT 1.16.49 with a Max 4000, NT server
v.4.0, and Access v.7.0. All I'm trying to do is be able to set up
accounts in Access using the default database provided with Radius.
I've set up ODBC 32-bit in the Win NT control added a datasource called
Radius using the *.mdb database, pointing to the c:\radius\radius7.mdb

I've added the MAX as a valid NAS with the proper secret. I run Radius
on the command line with radius -o -x15. After the SQL statement which
says "Select Server, IP Address, ..." the Max is listed, as well as
localhost. The Radius NT is ready to receive requests! Everything
looked fine I thought.

I try dialing into the Max and using the test account provided, I can
see the authorization request, but it failes with 'User: test not

I *know* test is in the database. Any clue what could be happening
here? I can try to provide more info if needed. Maybe I'm just missing
something obvious? Any help would be appreciated.


Tim Stewart.
The Bailey Group, Inc.
RadiusNT Mailing list (radiusnt@iea.com)