Re: FW: Terminal Service

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( )
4 Dec 96 17:55:37 EDT

Richmond, Robert wrote:
> Anyways, my problem now, hopefully the final problem, is getting the
> users to change there passwords. I see an attribute called Expiration
> (21) and Ascend-PW-Lifetime (208). I set the Expiration to Dec 1, 1996
> and Lifetime to 180 and the system won't let me in. Am I setting these
> attributes wrong, is there suppose to be something else in there? What
> am I suppose to see if it does work? Again any assistance is
> appreciated. I am using .49b with the Access database.

If you set the account to Expire 12/1/96 and today is 12/3/96, they will
not be able to login.

I am not to versed on Password Expiration, but I think what you want


You'll have to read the ascend docs on how they work. Also a note,
RadiusNT does NOT support changing a users password. Generally people
write a quick web front end to handle this.

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