Database log times

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( )
17 Dec 96 2:10:59 EDT

Dale, is there a way to get Radius to log exact times (not just dates) to
the Access 7.0 database? I'm using .45 (I believe) with -R16 -x -o.

I have a mailbomber logging me and several other employees onto hundreds of
mailing lists... I know who the bomber is, and how he is doing the bombing
(logging in to the server under other customer names and sending the
subscribe messages, then logging off after only a couple minutes)

However, without exact times, I cannot prove to a judge that this person is
doing the bombing. I would very much like to see him behind bars, and I
need a way to accurately trace logins and logoffs.

Is there a bit to add to the -R switch that will turn this on? What can I
do? It used to log with full times (.31 I think, or .33) but now it

Any help would be appreciated.

Please respond to my address directly ( so I will see it
immediately. Thank you.

Myrddin Emrys

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