Re: radius as a server

Serge Stein/i2Tech ( )
24 Dec 96 4:22:52 EDT

Leon Raskin wrote:
> We moved radius (.49) to another computer. and it works from command line.
> But it doesn't start as a service (error 1067) . And I lost my instructions
> how to install radius as a service manually with srvany. If anyone still
> have them just mail to me, please, at

I ran into this with another user over the weekend. For some reason
couldn't get logged into the SQL Server, so it was bombing. I let him
1.16.51 which allows you to specify a specific username and password
than using the current user) and it logged right in. That may help
your problem as well. 1.16.51 should be available RSN (yeah, right!)

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