Re: Running RadiusNT as a service...Does it?

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 22 May 1997 14:51:54 -0400

> From: Michael R. Conder <>
> I just install RadiusNT for the first time. To start it you have to run
in as a program and leave a command window that right? Can't I
run as a service? Where can I find the documentation to set it up as a
service? All I have is the install documentation and it does not seem to
go into RadiusNT in any great deatial. I there somewhere I can get the
full documentation before purchasing it?

To install as a service, from a command prompt (in the directory where
radius will run from), type:
radius.exe -install
(don't forget the .exe)

To configure the various options, go to your [START] button then to
Programs and you'll see "RadiusNT" (RadiusNT Administrator).

There's some documentation that come with one or more text files
(distributed with RadiusNT), though complete documentation won't be out
until a newer release of RadiusNT is available--this apparently will be
pretty soon.

Josh Hillman